Why I Lie When I’m Asked About My Dream Career

What job do you want when you graduate? It’s a question University students get asked all the time. Regrettably, it’s a hard question to answer for almost any Uni student. So why do I lie? Well here’s how the conversation usually goes.

  • So, what job do you want to get when you graduate?
  • Oh, honestly I’m open to anything. Maybe an administrative position, something in HR(maybe I’ll list off a bunch of things I’ve heard you can get with a BA). And then I laugh and say, maybe one day I’ll be able to make some money from my blog too!…
  • They laugh and good luck with that! (yes, usually they’re actually laughing at the idea of making money from a blog, because it seems that absurd!)

But here’s how I really want the conversation to go:

  • So, what job do you want to get when you graduate?
  • Actually, my goal is to make a full-time living off of my blog. So, I’m going to do whatever job I can to support myself until I can make that happen.

But I don’t say that. Why? Because I already get laughed at when I toss it in as a side dream. Actually, I’m already looked down upon because I’m getting an arts degree. If I open myself up and declare that I hope to be a full-time blogger, people are going to look down on me. I feel like they think I’m just dreaming and I need to get real. I feel like they think I’m a failure for not using my University Degree and just wasting my money. Because the truth is, most people don’t think something like blogging is a real job. The truth is, most people will probably think all those things that I’ve mentioned. But should that even matter? This is what I enjoy, and these are my dreams. I need to stop caring what other people think and how they see things, and charge on to achieve my own dreams!

Have you guys ever had conversations like this? Do you have secret dreams that you’re nervous to be open about? I’d love to here in the comment section below!

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  1. I can relate to this so much! I finish school this year in December so basically everyone is asking me what I want to do afterwards & what I want to study at university. I don’t like that question at all for the exact reason you talked about in this post – I just always feel like if I’m open about my dreams & goals people will just think I’m silly or I’m being unrealistic. I want to be an author & I think a lot of people don’t take that career path seriously. Maybe I want to make some money with my blog one day too but like you said a lot of people don’t see that as a real job. I don’t like being asked about my plans for the future because I’d rather keep my dreams for myself than be told that I’ll never achieve them.

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

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      Thanks for sharing your own dreams and challenges Sara, it’s so nice to know that there are a bunch of us out there who feel the same way. I think we can both agree that even though it sucks that people make it hard to want to share our dreams, it doesn’t actually stop us from dreaming, and hopefully having those dreams become a reality!!

      It’s hard to do something that isn’t typical, but it’s so worth it! You do you girl!

  2. When you’re a kid, teachers all have this exercise where they go around the class and ask “What do you want to be when you grow up”. And the expected responses always vary from the usual vocations like Policeman, or Fireman, or Doctor, or Nurse,(I always wanted to be a mad scientist) etc… Now that I’m an adult, when I look back at all the times I was asked that question, I wonder to myself why the expected response isn’t just “Happy”.

    That said, there will always be a degree of skepticism regarding people pursuing the arts(or specifically, creativity) as a career. People often don’t understand to what extent the arts plays in their daily lives, and how many jobs it supports. When kids grow up with dreams of being the next Kendrick Lamar(he’s a thing, right?), they often aren’t educated on the kinds of things they can end up doing with those skills if it doesn’t work out. As a result, at some point in life, they stand at a crossroads, where their choice is to, either, continue to bust their behind and chase their dreams, or get their head out of the clouds and fall back in line with the rest of the 9-to-5 crowd. Most go for the latter.

    And then there’s the jealousy angle. Sometimes, when people see others who have goals, and are actively pursuing them, they see it as a repudiation of their own lives. “I had to settle for my life, what makes you think you’re better than me?”

    My unsolicited advice? Tell everybody about your goals/dreams. Don’t hold back. It will show confidence in yourself, and will help to hold you accountable. Remember those who encourage you(you won’t want to let them down), and remember the haters(just in case you want to say “I told you so”). But most of all, remember that it isn’t about them; it’s about you and finding your place in the world, doing what makes you happy.

    Also, I’m sorry that my comment is as long/longer than your blog post.

    1. Post

      YES you get it!! Why are our career goals what everyone focuses on SO much? What about all the other aspects of life that matter as much or dare I say it, More??

      I love your response. Goodness I love this about social media, what a meaningful discussion that matters so much.

      You’re absolutely right though, why act any different just because people disagree with you. We all have our own lives, based on our own values and what matters each of us, and we should live accordingly! I love that your comment is so long and full of great things to say, and sweet advice! I’m gonna work on being more honest about my future.

      You’re the bomb!

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