Venice, Italy

Here’s a romantic edit of a photograph I took in Venice, Italy. I feel so blessed to have been able to travel through Europe with my husband a few years ago, it was a dream trip. I feel even more blessed that was able to take beautiful photographs while I was there, which allow me to relive that trip whenever I want. Anytime I’m feeling bored of my city and want to travel, I can open up Lightroom and head back to my European loves: Italy, Spain, France, or England! My husband and I are hoping to take another big trip a year from now. We would love to visit the holy land for our religion, in Haifa, Israel. Then we plan to travel around Israel (only a little) and visit Jerusalem and a few other historical gems. Then hopefully we’ll head over to Greece, Turkey, and perhaps even Italy again! So, hopefully we can save up and get to go make more lifelong memories!

I’d love to hear your stories if you’ve ever travelled somewhere excited, or where you dream to travel to!

– ♥ A ♥

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