The Grand Opening

Happy Monday Everyone!

So, now that we’re settling into our new house I’ve realized that I really want to take advantage of it and blog much more often. It’s a great outlet to reflect and chat about whatever is on my mind, and connect with whoever’s around. I’ve cooked quite a few times since we’ve moved in, and I’ve even baked once, but I have yet to blog about any of it! (although I did photograph the banana pecan cake which I will share) That’s simply not right – so it’s changing! Here’s to committed blogging (and not just food blogging) in my new house!

On Saturday we went to visit the family (my husbands parents and siblings, in this case) and attend the “Grand Opening of the Theatre.” It was the Grand Opening of the product of my father-in-law’s hard work over the past two months through which he transformed his basement into a movie theatre.  I have to admit that I did not expect it to be as legitimate as it was – I didn’t think it was possible but it looks like an actual, awesome theatre! The theatre is decked out with curtains that block off the entrance and exit, and surround the MASSIVE projector screen. It has a snack bar equipped with a theatre-style popcorn machine, cotton candy maker, popcorn flavouring, tons of candy and chocolate, and a mini-fridge. The walls are covered in movie posters and theatre-style signs like “Turn off mobile devices.” He also put in a ton of work making a platform for the top row of seating. When we walked into the theatre every single one of us exclaimed “WOW! OMG! THIS IS AMAZING!” One of the best things about it? He did it on a budget without doing any major renovations. Now this, I think, is something he will be proud of for a very, very long time, and we will all enjoy using too! My husband and I don’t watch movies very often, but a theatre like this makes it so much fun; it’s an awesome experience and a great way for all of us (ages 10, 16, 20s & 40s) to spend time together even more.


*Some quick shots before the movie premiere


The puppies hanging out! The blondie is named Rocco and the Brownie is named Mocha.


Oh Mocha, check out that big nose!


My father-in-law and his dogs working the snack bar


What a gorgeous theatre room!

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