Summer Reading List

It's summer! You need books.

If you don’t have any books picked out yet, then you’re in luck!

Thanks to Sarah, I’ve teamed up with a group of lovely bloggers and we’ve all agreed to compile our favourite summer reads.

So definitely go and check out their lists as well, I’ll link them at the bottom of this post!!

Whether you’re going on a hot vacation or just lounging at home enjoying the warm weather, you’re going to need some good books by your side this summer. I enjoy a mix of light reads with a captivating story, intense gripping reads, and simply beautiful stories. In my opinion, if you can’t put it down, then you’ve found the perfect book to read in the summer months. So let’s get to it!! Here are my top 5 picks for summer reads.
“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

1. A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice & Fire), George R.R. Martin
Ever heard of this one? I think you just may have. Award winning series turned into a hugely popular HBO drama. Yeah, that’s this one. Chances are, you’ve already read this one, or at least watched the show. If you haven’t read it, you need to. I don’t care if you’ve started watching the show, or it just doesn’t sound that awesome to you, it’s an amazingly well written story. In my opinion, Martin is an amazing story teller and has a knack for making you feel genuinely afraid for the lives of any character, no matter how important they are no one is safe. While he’s amazing at that, I think he’s best at creating settings, and painting an intriguing picture. Oh also, making you drool over food you never would have thought sounded good until he describes duck (??) dripping with warm butter and a hot mug of spiced wine…just read it!

“To shut your eyes is to guess nothing of blindness. Beneath your world of skies and faces and buildings exists a rawer and older world, a place where surface planes disintegrate and sounds ribbon in shoals through the air.”

2. All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr
Amazing story. Beautiful. Captivating. You won’t want to put it down and you’ll get lost in this story. It’s a bit of a darker read as it’s set during the time period of WWII, but don’t let that turn you away. It will move your heart, and make you feel immensely connected to the world. Yes, fun reads are awesome, but sometimes a really good beautiful story is so worth having your emotions flow. Honestly, the only way I can fittingly describe this story, is that it is magnificently beautiful. Please read this.

“Right in this moment, I can’t even remember what unhappy feels like.”

3. Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls), Maggie Stiefvater
Here’s a perfect summer read. If you’re not into YA at all, you might feel nervous about this one. But if you can put aside a little bit of cringe (terribly written lyrics that pop into the main characters head at random times) then you just might fall in love with the beings of Mercy Falls. If nothing else, you’ll keep reading and reading just to figure out what the hell is going to happen! And that my friends, is the best when you get to lounge around during the summer and read as much as your heart desires.

“Oh, please. Your giant head is getting too big for this forest. Pretty soon, you’re going to get stuck trying to walk between two trees. And then, I’ll have to rescue you.” I give him a weary look. “Again.”

4. Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Days), Susan Ee
I just finished this one, and it was just in time. Why should you read this? Let’s see here….dystopian setting, check. Badass female, check. Smidge of sweet romance, check. Clever humour and sarcasm, check. Unique story set in a well made world, check. Main character with a name you’ve never heard before, check. Book you simply can’t put down, check. This one has it all, and that is all I can say! Go find out for yourselves!

“Faith is universal. Our specific methods for understanding it are arbitrary. Some of us pray to Jesus, some of us go to Mecca, some of us study subatomic particles. In the end we are all just searching for truth, that which is greater than ourselves.”

5. Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon), Dan Brown
And now I give you mystery. One summer I read every single Dan Brown book in literally a month, maybe less. They’re substantial, but not too long. The kind of book you can read in a day or two (maybe 3) if all you’re doing is lounging and reading. And believe me, a gripping mystery like this is one that will captivate you! Some might say Dan Brown is overrated, I don’t know about that, but I do think he does an awesome job at combining factual elements and creating a fictional tale. More than that though, he’s best at making a mystery that gets wilder and wilder. I have vivid memories of my heart racing, for basically that whole month I read all of his books haha! If you want to get your blood pumping then read this little one for sure!

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*Getting to know other bloggers through collaborations has been so fun! And coming together to work on a joint project has also been an awesome change! If you’re a blogger and want to collaborate on something, definitely get in touch!

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  1. I love your picks! All the Light We Cannot See is one of my all-time favorite books. The story was absolutely beautiful! I also loved Angelfall and Angels & Demons! The only ones that I have yet to read are Shiver and A Game of Thrones. I definitely need to get on that soon!

    Thanks for collaborating with me!
    Amelie |

    1. Post

      Ooh I love that we have similar taste in books! <3 You should read Shiver first, as there series is a pretty quick read, and GOT after as it's a bit more of a time investment (but so, so worth it!).
      Thanks for stopping by lovely, and thank you even more for starting this collaboration! We should do another one in the near future!

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