Strawberry Lemonade


Beautiful, hot, hot days we’ve been having here in Calgary. I’m trying to appreciate it as much as I can before it gets cold and snowy for 8 months. As much as I love the summer – not having to worry about bundling up when you leave your house, going for walks, wearing dresses, and being warm – I do love cold cozy winters. And thank God I do; anyone that lives in 8 months of winter and hasn’t learned to love it (for the most part) should really just move somewhere warmer. I have to say, Calgary winters are especially enjoyable to me because they are full of sun. I personally prefer the freezing cold with lots of sun, rather than the mild, but dark and sunless winters of Vancouver (where I used to live). You’ll hear much more about our winters in a few months, but for now let’s focus on the hot summer.

When I made these drinks a few days ago it was super hot in our apartment and these were the most heavenly way to cool down. For the past two days though, Calgary’s been pummelled with thunderstorms, so it hasn’t been all that hot, but I’m still glad, as I enjoy summer storms with thunder and lightening.

Alrighty, lets move on to the sweet drinks!

Strawberry Lemonade

A  fresh and sweet lemonade with crushed strawberries.

|     Prep Time: 1 minute     |     Cook Time: 4 minutes     |     Total Time: 3 minutes     | 

Serves 1


3 strawberries
3 tsp sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice


Step one: Wash your strawberries, remove the stems and cut them into quarters.

Step two: Add the strawberries and sugar to your glass and mash them with a spoon.

Step three: Add your lemon juice and ice, then top the glass off with water.

Step four: Some recipes suggest to give the drink a stir but try to keep the strawberries sitting at the bottom of the glass. I personally like a lot of strawberry flavour so I stirred everything up and found that it tastes much better. So, use a straw (or spoon) and give your drink a gentle stir until it looks delicious and pink, then place the straw in your drink and taste the heavenly freshness! Play around with it if it’s not exactly to your taste, try adding a little more lemon juice or sugar until you have it just how you like it. Enjoy!

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