Refreshing Morning Smoothie


Hello Everyone!

Okay, so I am so close to the end of the semester, and so SO SOO excited! This semester really has been hard. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy university and I really enjoy studying about religion. But this semester we moved to a new house and there’s been a lot of changes around here, to say the least. One of the last things we’ve had time for this semester has been school. Alas, University is not so simple, it doesn’t give you the luxury of not focusing on it. So, even though we’ve had a lot of other things going on we haven’t been able to avoid school and the work that comes along with it.

What I’m most excited for come the end of this semester is that I won’t be taking summer school, I’ll simply be working. And the most awesome part? This will give me lots more time to give Blankets & Tea tons of love! This summer I’ll be working and Moe will be in school, which should be interesting for us. Last summer we both took summer class and the summer before that we both worked, so this will be the first time that we’re doing the total opposite. This also means that I really need to learn to drive our standard car….yea I don’t drive right now, I know! I’m excited though, I love the independence that comes along with being able to drive yourself places. Oh and also, the next time my husband needs to be driven the hospital in an emergency, I don’t have to call his mom….LOL!

So, it’s the final stretch of the semester. That’s why I made these smoothies this morning actually! Both Moe and I have a few big assignments to do this week and we need some powerful nutrients! We just have to power through these assignments and then we’re going on a little vacation in the mountains with the family! Unfortunately when we get back we still have some final exam, but once those are done we’ll be officially done for the summer (oops, only I will 😉 ). So, I packed this smoothie with a ton of veggies (kale, cucumber, a little celery), some fruit for flavour (apples and pineapple) and some mint and orange juice to give it that refreshing feel. I personally love it, but Moe, he’s more traditional with his smoothies and isn’t a fan of the “weird ones.” I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know what you think! In my opinion it had a perfect balance and doesn’t taste gross or too much like kale, it tastes fruity, minty and fresh – perfect for a warm spring morning!

Refreshing Morning Smoothie

A fresh smoothie packed with kale, cucumber,  pineapple and flavoured with fresh mint. 

|      Prep Time: 4 minutes      |      Cook Time: 1 minute      |      Total Time: 5 minutes      |


2 kale leaves
8 slices of cucumber
1 inch celery stick (chopped)
½ an apple, cut into pieces
10 frozen pineapple chunks
4 mint leaves
1 cup orange juice


Step One: Break the kale leaves into small pieces and put them into your blender. If your blender isn’t that strong, make sure to shop up the mint leaves and apple so they blend properly. Toss everything else into the blender and blend!

Step Two: Pour into pretty glasses, garnish with a little mint leaf and serve. Enjoy and have a happy day!

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