Quality of the Week: Honesty

If you’ve been keeping up with me, I’m sorry for the lack of posts! Sometimes things just get crazy around here. Now that I’m back on track it’s time to get back to my weekly challenge! This week I’m working on honesty.

I’ve tried to research the difference between honesty and truthfulness, and it is quite hard to find a clear distinction. My understanding has always been that honesty is something that you have within yourself and truthfulness is the outward expression of honesty. I could most definitely be wrong, but since it is my blog I’m just going to use those definitions here ;). Even though the title of this post is honesty, I’m going to work on honesty and truthfulness together this week – they’re close enough.

For me, this is a hard one. I am usually a very honest and truthful person but there are certain times that I struggle immensely with these qualities. When I can be dishonest and avoid hurting or upsetting someone, even if it’s only the slightest, I am prone to dishonesty. While I am rarely dishonest in important situations, nonetheless I believe it’s right to be a genuine person rather than a fake one, at any cost. That is why I chose this quality of this week, because I am not all that good at it and I want to improve!

Here’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to work hard to be honest with myself at all times – about how I’m feeling, what I believe in, and what I want. Also, I’m going to be truthful with others about what I really believe, want, or feel. I have a big weakness when it comes to being the cause of someone’s discomfort, even if that discomfort is quite minor. Often it is really silly, people will say, Amanda why didn’t you just say how you really felt!? It ends up that I often act as though I don’t have an opinion on many things, when in fact I do actually have an opinion, I just think it’s not worth sharing if it’s going to take away from someone’s happiness (so wrong in so many ways!). But that’s where this gets silly and irrational. If we were spending time together, would it really make you feel unhappy if I said I actually wanted to eat at Boston Pizza when you wanted to eat at Opa!? I highly doubt it – probably only if I was rude! Have you ever seen any of those funny videos where you see a couple driving around trying to figure out what to eat and the guy asks “where should we eat?” The girl says “umm anywhere is good”. The guy suggests burgers, pizza, subs, greek, italian, and the girl says yes to all of them! That’s me 100% haha! Partly because I’m hella indecisive and partly because I’m afraid to say I don’t want to eat somewhere that my husband wanted to eat at! Even though it’s not like he would even be bummed at all, it’s so silly!! And not to mention it drives him crazy hahaha! If you do this as well please share your stories with me friends!

Anyways, it’s obviously so silly and wrong for me to constantly pretend as though I don’t have an opinion, when I actually do. When I’m constantly putting up a front acting as though I don’t have any opinion or preference it ends up leaving me feeling bad in a number of ways and distant from the people I care about. So, for all of these reasons I’m going to work on honesty and truthfulness. If you decide to work on this, please make sure you are tactful. I believe that you should always be truthful, yet you can always use tact and be truthful in a compassionate way.

Well, there’s some insight into my silly little brain, I hope you won’t judge me too harshly now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into my mind!

Thanks for listening

– ♥A♥


 Quality of the Week 

 The Challenge 
Make a daily effort to be honest with yourself and others at all times, regardless of the consequences



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