Quality of the Week Challenge: Gratitude

Last Week’s Challenge Recap:

The quality that I focused on last week was compassion (click here to read the post for it). Some people are naturally very compassionate and others have to put much more effort into learning compassion. I’m naturally quite compassionate and genuinely care about others and want to make them happy. But, as for most people, it’s much harder to be compassionate when you’re not feeling your best, we all get self-centred. That was really what I focused on when I was working on compassion this week. I focused on being compassionate especially when it didn’t come as naturally. I encouraged myself to constantly put myself in other people’s shoes and imagine what they must be feeling. It’s so much easier to help others when you can feel what they’re feeling and get rid of focusing on yourself. Inevitably there were times when I found myself being grumpy and incompassionate, but because I was working on the quality this week I quickly caught myself and tried to dig down and find that compassion. Now, I’m not trying to say that it’s never okay to think about yourself. But it’s important to foster and attitude of compassion for others, and genuinely be able to put aside yourself and help other people. Even though it was challenging, I feel like I learned how to be a far more compassionate person over the past week.

If you tried the compassion challenge, let me know how it went for you in the comment box below!

– ♥A♥


Quality of the Week

The Challenge
Make a daily effort to be grateful as often as possible



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