Living Joyfully

Take time to make things beautiful. Instead of flopping into bed and forcing yourself up and out of it at the last possible minute, wake up a little earlier and make your morning pleasant. Put on the most snuggly knit sweater, wash your face, open a few windows, have a coffee and some breakfast before you do anything (even before you pick up your phone!). Stare out the windows and appreciate your surroundings, even if the only nature you see is the sky – take it in.

If you take the time to make things beautiful, it will help you appreciate the beauty in your surroundings and in your thoughts. Don’t just grab what is easiest, grab what is beautiful and what appeals to you. Grab your prettiest mug and your most cuddly sweater. That way, every time you see those things, you get a little burst of appreciation. There’s a sweater I own that I basically only wear at home, it’s a huge oversized knit sweater but it’s really pretty. Whenever I wear it, even though I’m as snuggly as can be I feel fresh and pretty. I appreciate it.

Doing things like this really can help you to appreciate more. You don’t have to have pretty things to appreciate beauty, but taking the time to make things beautiful helps you to slow down and see beauty everywhere.

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