Let’s Be Open

To My Lovely Readers,

Over the past few weeks I have felt an obligation to share with you some things I have come across in reading the texts of my religion. Before I do so, I thought I would write a brief post to explain why I feel this way.

I feel as though we, as human beings sharing this experience on earth together, have a duty to share our understanding with one another; to share what we have learned about the meaning, value, and truths of this life. If one believes that they have come upon the truth of the meaning of life, would they not want to share this truth with others, especially those that they love, in hopes that others may find peace through finding meaning. We are all searching and seeking, together at the same time, to comprehend our purpose and the true meaning of this life, and I believe that we can help one another. If one truth fell upon the world in one corner, how would that truth get across the world to another corner, except by that act of spreading through words what one has discovered. By sharing from one who knows, to one who does not know, or even to one who believes they know, we can all receive that truth. I do not believe that spreading a truth means that one should accept what I believe to be true, for I could most definitely be wrong. In fact, I am constantly seeking to further understand what is true about this life. But I believe that all should have equal opportunity to evaluate what they believe to be true, and cannot do that if they do not have access to all possibilities. That is why I believe that we should share our beliefs with others, not out of desire to force anyone to agree with your beliefs, or convert them, but simply to share with them something that could potentially aid them in their search for truth. It is up to them to evaluate what they believe, but I believe that we all should give one another equal opportunity to have access to all possible truths, to then decide what we as individuals believe.

This is why I feel the desire to share with you what I have discovered. I am not writing so that you accept my religion, that is not up to me. I follow it because I believe it, simple as that. If someone else believes it too I am happy for them, but I am as equally happy for someone who has found something else to be true for themselves. So, here I share with you what I believe, so that you can have access to the content and decide what you believe to be true yourself. So please, share your understanding with me, as I will share mine with you.

– ♥ A ♥

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