From My Heart to Yours

Life is about so much more than money, status and appearance. We need to stop getting consumed by consumerism. We need to stop giving in to a lust for these things. Life is about so, so, much more.

I’ve always felt that every single person has something special, unique and beautiful about them, and something unique to offer to the world. I don’t want to tell you what that should look like. But please, please, go and seek it. Don’t lose your heart and soul, becoming a robot stuck in the grind. It’s scary, figuring out what you really want. How you really want to live. And especially confusing and frightening figuring out what it is you feel like your gift to the world is. There is not one single person that is exactly like another. We’re all unique and we should figure out what that means for each of us.

Here’s what I’ve discovered in my 25 years of life.

I want to bring joy and happiness to others. I don’t yet know exactly what that looks like, but it’s something I try to remember at all times of every day. I try to center my life around that. But I don’t just seek to give superficial happiness. Sometimes giving happiness might include giving a friend a piece of harsh advice. Sometimes it might include standing up for someone who needs it. But always I reflect on my actions when I do the opposite of making someone happy. I always reflect and ask myself if it was okay, if it was worth it and had purpose. I cannot explain how much it agonizes my heart to make people hurt. This might sound silly to you, but this is my reality, this is who I am. And this is also my gift.

But, I think I’m also finding that I have reflected a lot on how to be a happy person myself, and if I hadn’t done this I would not be able to make others happy.

This is why I think an important aspect of my life is helping others find happiness. Sharing the things I’ve learned with people who want to hear, giving advice to those who I have something to offer to, and encouraging people to tap into who they really are and find out what matters to them.

It breaks my heart watching so many people get lost in this world, like I’ve experienced myself. Be swallowed up by work and money. Those things are said to bring freedom if you work hard, but is the payoff worth it? You’re paying 40 years of your life to get 20 years of ‘freedom’, the simple math shows you how bad of a deal that is, but honestly, often, the payoff is a lot worse. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could search for a way to have happiness and freedom the whole time? I’m not saying that I disagree with working a normal 9-5 job, not at all. Not everyone is cut out to do different, individually driven jobs and I have a lot of respect for that. But if it is draining your life of meaning, then I think the mentality of accepting that you won’t really enjoy your life until you retire is complete poison.

Also, I think that it is toxic to place a desire for social status and appearance at the top of what matters. If you think those things are the most important, if those are the reasons why you work, if those are the reasons why you live – I don’t give advice in this way often, I don’t usually claim to know exactly what’s right for everyone, but this case is different – you need to figure out another reason. You need to figure out a larger purpose. You need to figure out what actually matters to you and makes you happy, because those things I’ve just mentioned are empty and never ending.

I’m not going to tell you my perspective on the purpose of life. But I am going to tell you that if your purpose in life is to look good or be popular or wealthy, your life will be empty and hollow.

This is one thing that I know in my heart is true. Finding out what you have that is unique, what you want to offer to the world, is extremely important. Discovering what makes your heart and soul happy, finding what genuinely gets your heart burning and your thoughts swirling and smiles spread easily across your face is something every single person must do if they want to live a life they love. Whatever you have to sacrifice to make this happen, I believe that it is always worth it. You don’t want a hollow, worthless life.

I’m not sharing this because I look down on people who live this way.  No, I completely understand. It’s the way so many people in the world live, and actually are fed to believe that it’s what matters and is fulfilling. But it is NOT.

I’m sharing this because I’ve figured this out for myself. And at whatever cost, I’m going to live a fulfilling life that makes my soul soar. And I’d feel selfish if I were to not share this. Maybe you disagree, and that’s completely okay with me. But it’s important for me to share this with as many people as I can, on the small chance that it makes them question their lives, maybe even wakes them up from a mindless slumber, or shows them that even if it’s scary, if you’re unhappy you need to change things right now. Don’t wait until you’re retired to make your life happy. Don’t wait until ___ (whatever excuse your telling yourself is worth waiting on happiness). Don’t ever put a meaningful life on hold. If you feel like your life is empty and hollow, if the only things that really matter to you are consuming, having wealth, popularity and looking good, please stop and think about what you really want from your life. If you don’t, your life will easily fly by you and all you’ll be left with in the end is a heart full of sadness and regrets.

From my heart to yours,


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  1. We have so many things in common, and this is exactly how I feel when I navigate my daily life. Living compassionately can hurt, but it can also be beautiful. When you said that you are going to do whatever you have to do to make your soal soar, I heard my own inner voice as well. 🙂 There is so much more to life than meets the eye, and I decided to study what I am passionate about in college for this reason. I declared Religious Studies and have never looked back. I have a lot of upcoming travels in which I hope to genuinely connect with others and learn more about myself and the world. Much love and light! <3

    xx Alyssa

    1. Post

      Alyssa we’re soul sisters!
      I’m so glad my words spoke to you. Too often people focus on doing what’s right instead of listening to their heart and soul. I’m so happy that you’re doing what’s right for you, regardless.
      Keep being true to you! <3

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