Plants in My House!

I did a little photoshoot of a few of my plants today! Okay I’ll be honest, I’m not that great with plants. I love them so much though, to me having plants helps it really feel like home. So I’ve decided to get better and keep my plants alive!

A few weeks ago I bought mint (picture on the top right) and a large mix of potted herbs (not pictured). Omg it has changed my life you guys, seriously I even tweeted about it!!! I had watermelon with fresh mint yesterday, and put fresh oregano in my eggplant parmesan (recipe soon!). Mmm fresh herbs are LIFE! If you are able to, please please get a couple pots of fresh herbs for your house, you will be so happy. 🙂 I think this winter my windowsills will be covered in potted herbs! Ooh or maybe I’ll do one of those indoor herb garden DIY’s, YAS! Check back at the end of the summer and you might just see it!!

I bought the flowers at the same time and honestly, I never buy flowers. I always assume they’re just going to die right away. And that would be the case, except I bought potted flowers ;). Yeah, those babies last wayyyy longer. I’m pretty sure they should at least last all summer 🙂 YAY for pretty colours in our home!

That aloe vera plant has been kicking around for at least a year. It’s kind of all over the place haha, I have no idea how to deal with it. Do I re-pot it in something bigger? Do I pull off the long arms and let them regrow over and over again? Any green-thumbs around here? Advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Also, I wish I had a use for the aloe vera plant (top left), but I don’t get sunburned very often. I think I’ll try to make some kind of drink with it, I’ve heard those are pretty good. Oooooh maybe mint aloe vera, what do you think? Yay or nay? I think I’m feelin’ it!!

Yeah, I think I’m too excited about these plants. There’s my inner hippie showing her flower crown again, cool it babe.

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  1. Ahh I was so bad with plants too! I accidentally killed 8 cacti 🙁 But I’m trying to be better as well. I have a cactus and another spiky plant that are still alive and I have herbs! I agree, fresh herbs are SO good. I grew my parsley from scratch and I bought a mint that is still going strong! xx

    Effi |

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      Yes! We need to support each other through our plant journey! Congrats on your parsley, mint and, cactus!
      Isn’t it sad that they say cactus are the easiest to keep alive….yet I’ve killed a bunch in my time too haha!

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