Some of you may have heard me talk about the Baha’i Faith before – if you haven’t, it’s the religion that I’m a part of. Feel free to check out more details about it on the official Baha’i website. I think a post I’ll soon be writing will be titled “What Baha’is Believe”, so check back in a little while for that if you’re interested! Here’s a quick little summary to get things started. Basically, Baha’is believe that there is one God, who periodically sends down guidance to humanity about our reality. God sends down these messages through the form … Read More

Our Amazing Universe

Our universe is amazing. I’ve been reading a lot the past few days about outer space, and it’s blowing my mind! Contemplating the scale of our universe makes you see how simply minuscule we are in comparison. We’ve hardly explored our own galaxy and yet there are billions more, literally, throughout the universe that we can only imagine. I love that at any moment, but especially on a dark clear night, we can look up and see amazing beauty that blows our minds and makes us think about bigger things than a superficial life. How are money, possessions, and petty problems, … Read More

Let’s Be Open

To My Lovely Readers, Over the past few weeks I have felt an obligation to share with you some things I have come across in reading the texts of my religion. Before I do so, I thought I would write a brief post to explain why I feel this way. I feel as though we, as human beings sharing this experience on earth together, have a duty to share our understanding with one another; to share what we have learned about the meaning, value, and truths of this life. If one believes that they have come upon the truth of … Read More

Some Thoughts On Life

Yesterday I awoke sobbing from a terrible dream. In this dream my husband was killed and I was forced to live my life without him, surrounded by everyone that we used to spend time with together, and everything we used to do together. It had been a little while since he had passed and I was trying to move forward and do normal things but I couldn’t take being surrounded by friends that didn’t understand the pain, so I lay my head in my hands and broke into painful sobs. That is when I awoke, with a horrible tightness in … Read More

When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is

I believe that we are all attracted to beauty; that everything that stirs our soul and moves us – that is beautiful – is thanks to God. He created it all, and every time I see something beautiful I am reminded of His Immense Greatness. Often, I have to remind myself that all of these beautiful things are here because of Him. I don’t even necessarily understand what it means that God created all of this, but I do believe that everything that is here – myself, those I love, beautiful soul stirring experiences – are all here because of God’s will, … Read More

The Universal Struggle: What Is The Point of This Life

I’m a religious studies major and this semester I’m taking a class about Modern Christianity (1600-present). We were assigned to read a book called Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners by John Bunyan (1628-1688) in order to better understand Christian Puritanism. The book is a spiritual autobiography that was written by Bunyan about his spiritual journey. In his book he records his struggles in searching for the truth, whether God exists, what the purpose of life is, and what his role is in it. Those are universal questions that arguably all human beings ask. Throughout the book Bunyan is virtually paralyzed by … Read More

My Mindfulness

We’ve all heard of mindfulness. Usually we see it preached by yogi’s and spiritual minds who have learned the concept from Buddhism. In this post I won’t be discussing mindfulness as a Buddhist concept, but rather, as a method that I have adopted to appreciate my life. So, here I am not discussing mindfulness as a unique concept, but simply the idea of being mindful, as the definition suggests, and how that manifests in my life. Of course, this overlaps in many ways to the Buddhist concept, but my version is simply how I practice mindfulness in my life – without restrictions and preconceived … Read More


“ALL THE HOLY MANIFESTATIONS OF GOD HAVE PROCLAIMED AND PROMULGATED THE SAME REALITY” “I hope that the lights of the Sun of Reality will illumine the whole world so that no strife and warfare, no battles and bloodshed remain. May fanaticism and religious bigotry be unknown, all humanity enter the bond of brotherhood, souls consort in perfect agreement, the nations of earth at last hoist the banner of truth and the religions of the world enter the divine temple of oneness, for the foundations of the heavenly religions are one reality. Reality is not divisible; it does not admit multiplicity. All … Read More