A Little Slice of Life

Alberta Purple Spring Flowers

Hey Everyone! I hope you’ve been having a lovely week. I’ve been working really hard the past few weeks on making my life the life I want, and so far it’s really been paying off. Of course there are always ups and downs, but it feels so good to be making positive changes. I’m really afraid of allowing time to pass me by where I’m not living like I want to. And I know the only person that can make sure that won’t happen is me. Hubby & I have been going for little walks a lot recently & we’ve … Read More

5 Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Happier

I’m often told that I’m a happy person (I feel like one!!), but there are definitely days when it’s not all that easy to be in a good mood. When that happens I feel like we all could use help to get back to being happy. So I pulled together a list! Here are my suggestions of 5 things you can do every single day if you want to become a happier person in general, or even if you just need some tips to brighten your mood! Smile often. At strangers, at friends, at yourself. Don’t force it, but think … Read More

12 Signs That You’re A Little Hippie

I’ve always been a little hippie in my heart. That’s probably what happens when you grow up in a tiny hippie town wayyy up in Northern Canada (in the Yukon), 6 hours from the nearest city, with the biggest yearly event being the summer music festival. Yeah, that kind of hippie town. Probably because of it I’ve always had a love for nature & almost all things boho/hippie. There have been times where I moved away from it, or pushed it into the depths of my heart. But no matter what I did it always lived on. And now I’ve … Read More

When You Feel Empty

For the past few years I’ve been focused on figuring out my life. I’ve been spending a lot of time slowing down and thinking about what really matters to me. What makes my life feel full and satisfying? What kind of things to I want to do with my life? What’s my life’s purpose? How do I figure all of this out and make my life one that will leave me feeling full and content? All these questions are common. Especially to young people, but honestly, to every human being ever. I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs, books, … Read More

When You See Something Beautiful In Someone

I read a quote recently as I was mindlessly browsing Pinterest (you know, probably looking at home decor that I’ll only ever dream of having), and it hit me pretty hard. It might seem strange, but this quote was really powerful to me. “When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them.” – Unknown It’s a pretty simple concept, and at first it doesn’t seem very powerful. In fact, at first glance it seems pretty easy and natural. But after thinking about it for a minute, you might realize that it’s much more than it seems. I think part of … Read More

From My Heart to Yours

Life is about so much more than money, status and appearance. We need to stop getting consumed by consumerism. We need to stop giving in to a lust for these things. Life is about so, so, much more. I’ve always felt that every single person has something special, unique and beautiful about them, and something unique to offer to the world. I don’t want to tell you what that should look like. But please, please, go and seek it. Don’t lose your heart and soul, becoming a robot stuck in the grind. It’s scary, figuring out what you really want. … Read More

No One Is You

^^Take a look at this quote. For me, that’s what gives me life and motivation. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have much to give, like I’m just an average person like everyone else. But reading this reminds me that it’s not so bleak. There’s not one single person that is just your average person who’s like everyone else. We’re all unique and we all have something special to give to the world. I’m sure you’ve heard something like this a million times, but have you really ever given in a thought. There is not one single person that has … Read More

Quality of the Week: Determination

As you may know, each week I challenge myself to working on a new quality that I want to improve. Last “week” the challenge was honesty, here’s a link to the post. Well, since I’m being honest I could have done better. It was a hard one to remember and I didn’t make a point of reminding myself every day to be honest. So that part of it wasn’t so good. Yet, when I did remember and did encourage myself to be honest, it went really well. The satisfaction you get from being your genuine self is really rewarding. It’s hard … Read More

Quality of the Week: Honesty

If you’ve been keeping up with me, I’m sorry for the lack of posts! Sometimes things just get crazy around here. Now that I’m back on track it’s time to get back to my weekly challenge! This week I’m working on honesty. I’ve tried to research the difference between honesty and truthfulness, and it is quite hard to find a clear distinction. My understanding has always been that honesty is something that you have within yourself and truthfulness is the outward expression of honesty. I could most definitely be wrong, but since it is my blog I’m just going to … Read More

Quality of the Week Challenge: Compassion

I want to be the best person that I can be. The most kind, loving, selfless, intelligent, thoughtful, joyful me that I can be. All to often I find myself falling into complacency in my life, where I just do whatever I need to do without much thought. A life like that is a horribly hollow one that I want none of. While trying to move away from a complacent hollow life I’ve realized that I’m not used to taking time to reflect and improve myself. But I’ve recently realized that if I want to be the best version of myself then … Read More

A Message To All You First Years

You’re finally in university! But now you’re worrying. You’re panicking. You didn’t complete all the readings last night. You can’t decide if you’re going to do your masters or go to law school or what kind of job you might get right after graduation. Hey. Chill. It will all be okay. I’m going to give you the secret to enjoying your life while in University. It took me about 5 years to figure out what I’m going to tell you, so listen up. 1. Make Big Plans No, you can’t plan out your whole life. But you do need some kind of an idea … Read More

Let’s Be Open

To My Lovely Readers, Over the past few weeks I have felt an obligation to share with you some things I have come across in reading the texts of my religion. Before I do so, I thought I would write a brief post to explain why I feel this way. I feel as though we, as human beings sharing this experience on earth together, have a duty to share our understanding with one another; to share what we have learned about the meaning, value, and truths of this life. If one believes that they have come upon the truth of … Read More

Chill Out With Me

Chill out with me. I’ve just recently realized the magic of headphones. This song is beautiful whether or not you’re wearing headphones, but wearing them just makes it a far better experience – at least for me. Lighting some candles, opening the window for a cool breeze, and playing a song like this on my headphones at the end of the day (or any time of day) is how I chill out. Some days I feel like I haven’t taken any time at all to just sit back, clear my head of busy thoughts, and think about what matters, or … Read More

When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is

I believe that we are all attracted to beauty; that everything that stirs our soul and moves us – that is beautiful – is thanks to God. He created it all, and every time I see something beautiful I am reminded of His Immense Greatness. Often, I have to remind myself that all of these beautiful things are here because of Him. I don’t even necessarily understand what it means that God created all of this, but I do believe that everything that is here – myself, those I love, beautiful soul stirring experiences – are all here because of God’s will, … Read More

My Mindfulness

We’ve all heard of mindfulness. Usually we see it preached by yogi’s and spiritual minds who have learned the concept from Buddhism. In this post I won’t be discussing mindfulness as a Buddhist concept, but rather, as a method that I have adopted to appreciate my life. So, here I am not discussing mindfulness as a unique concept, but simply the idea of being mindful, as the definition suggests, and how that manifests in my life. Of course, this overlaps in many ways to the Buddhist concept, but my version is simply how I practice mindfulness in my life – without restrictions and preconceived … Read More


Feel the splash of cool water on your warm skin. Smell the scent of lavender drifting through the air. Feel your lungs expand to their fullest. Taste a fresh summer peach, the flavours arouse your taste buds and send tingles through your jaw. Listen to the sound of a laughing child. Feel the warm sun kiss your face on a crisp winter day. See the endless sky, the towering mountains. Feel your heart beat and the blood course through your veins. YOU ARE ALIVE.

Living Joyfully

Take time to make things beautiful. Instead of flopping into bed and forcing yourself up and out of it at the last possible minute, wake up a little earlier and make your morning pleasant. Put on the most snuggly knit sweater, wash your face, open a few windows, have a coffee and some breakfast before you do anything (even before you pick up your phone!). Stare out the windows and appreciate your surroundings, even if the only nature you see is the sky – take it in. If you take the time to make things beautiful, it will help you appreciate … Read More

Beautiful Music

Here’s a collection of a few songs that are so beautiful they bring me to life. Sometimes it’s the words, sometimes it’s the music, sometimes it’s the passion; often it’s all three. Powerful songs help me connect deeper with the world, and with my own existence. I hope that you find these songs just as powerful. Please share below if you have other songs that you find moving, I would love to hear them. What songs move you?