5 Most Important Tips for Food Photography

Whether you just take the occasional picture of sushi for Instagram, or you’re a passionate food blogger, you probably know that it takes a bit of effort to get a good picture. Well, hopefully I can help you with a few tips of my own! I’ve been doing photography for about 5 years, which is even longer than I’ve been blogging for! A lot of food bloggers write these posts and show how ugly their earliest food pictures were. I’ll be honest, since I had already been doing photography for a while, my food pics weren’t all that bad! Nonetheless, … Read More

Knitting Adventures

For almost two years I’ve been trying to learn how to knit properly. “You might think, seriously!? Two years and you still don’t know how to knit? You should really just give up!” Well here’s the problem, I honestly haven’t put much time into it at all. How am I going to improve if I never even pick up the needles! So here’s what I’ve done, I bought a book that walks me step-by-step through knitting. The book is called Get Started: Knitting by Susie Johns. Basically, the book starts from the beginning and clearly lays out almost everything you need to know. It … Read More