Are Bloggers Self-Centred?

OK. So the nature of blogging is that someone is talking, and usually they talk a lot about themselves and their lives. Usually, people like to read about that stuff. But is it ever too much? Are all bloggers in love with themselves and their own opinions? Do they just love hearing (seeing?) themselves talk?

First of all, is being self-centred a bad thing? In my opinion, it is. Here me out. I think being self-centred specifically is a bad thing. But I think that it’s very important that we’re all strong, independent individuals that formulate our own views and take care of ourselves. Additionally, I think it’s important that we challenge other peoples views, and common assumptions. I think it’s also good to be proud of your accomplishments and anything you’ve worked hard for. What I think is bad, is when people are so focused on themselves that they stop thinking about other people. When people are so caught up talking about themselves that they don’t care to ask other people how they’re doing. That’s what I mean when I say self-centred.

So, are bloggers self-centred? Alright, we can probably all see that the very nature of blogging seems self-centered. What you’re doing is talking about yourself and your life and your opinions. Bloggers often talk about their lives, about what they ate for breakfast, and what they wear every day (ootd anyone?). They talk about their goals and all the things they want to accomplish. And they share their opinions, A LOT. I mean, the whole blog is theirs, so evidently it’s packed with their own views and opinions.

But then again, isn’t it the whole point of a lot of social media platforms, that people should share their lives and opinions. Facebook: post about your life. Instagram: share selfies and pictures of your life. Twitter: share your thoughts in 140 characters or less. Tumblr: talk about your life. Are all of those platforms self-centred?

Here’s what I think. 

I think that with things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other platforms like those, people can very easily become extremely self-centred. When you’re constantly thinking about how to share your own life and how to present it to other people, you can become very focused on yourself. I’ve seen how it poisons a lot of people, and changes their nature into one where all they care about is how they appear to other people. It doesn’t always have to make people self-centred, but, social media, including blogging, often does.

So, what do I think about blogging? To put it bluntly, I absolutely think it would be wrong to say that most bloggers are actually self-centred. In fact, a lot of bloggers I’ve met are super shy and have low self-esteem. And a ton of them blog because they want to make other people happy and help other people in one way or another. Sure, some bloggers have become obsessed with themselves and all they really care about is the number of likes they get, how much traffic visits their blog, and their inevitable fame for the sake of fame. But honestly, that’s not the majority. I think if people actually care to not be self-centred, all it takes is a little effort to check in with yourself every once in a while and remind yourself of why you do this. It’s not about the glory (sure, that’s a fun side effect if it happens) but it’s about what you do. It’s about helping other people, making people happy, being able to share things that bring you joy with other people. It’s also about talking about things that really matter, and being able to talk about those things with a lot of people. And for a lot of bloggers, it’s about learning to talk about yourself. Learning to be confident in who you are, and not be afraid to be your genuine self, no matter who’s watching.

In society in general, with all of these different social media platforms encouraging us to focus on ourselves, I think we need to find a balance between sharing our lives and our opinions in a healthy way, and becoming self-centred. I think it’s awesome to share, and to see other people share what they’ve been up to, and what their thoughts and beliefs are. But I think we all need to be cautious and not get caught up in our own little worlds. Totally, share your life, share your opinions, but continue to care about other people, their lives, and their opinions. I don’t personally think people should use social media and actually care about how many likes and notes they get. I think you should share your life because you love it, it makes you happy, and you want to share it with friends and/or strangers alike. In a way, social media unifies people all over the world, and I’m a big fan of that. But if you start thinking that likes and notes actually matter, if you start thinking that those things matter more than sharing your life with loved ones and strangers and building relationships with them, then personally, I think you’ve got it all wrong. These platforms encourage all of us to be connected with one another. Don’t use them to project your life and yourself (real or fake), and rake in the adoration. Use them to connect. Use them to share love, and joy. Use them to talk about something important. Use them to support you fellow human beings. Don’t start thinking that notes and likes ACTUALLY matter. Because they don’t. Relationships and support are what actually matter.


I would love to hear your opinions on this topic. Are you a blogger? An avid reader? Do you totally disagree with me and think I’m insane? Or do you also try to avoid getting self-centred?

I’d love to chat, so please leave a comment below. 

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  1. What a great and thought-provoking post! I have to agree with you, at first sight blogging seems to be very self-centred and just like you said, being self-centred is unhealthy if it prevents you from caring and thinking about others. On social media it can be hard to keep focus on what’s really important and that is the connection between people. I also think that we would lie if we said we didn’t care about the likes or the views at all though – I think every blogger likes to see traffic increase etc. Quality over quantity is essential though, I would rather get 2 nice comments than 10 comments from people who are just promoting their blogs. I think it can be hard to keep it real on social media and it is something we should all focus on. xx

    1. Post

      Yeah, you’re absolutely right. It means so much when you meet people on social media that are genuine. Like you! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post. You’re obviously one who’s got this whole “genuine on the internet” thing right! I look forward to checking out your blog <3

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