An Honest Update

I haven’t posted in a while and it makes me sad :(. I’ve had a lot going on the past few months and I’ve been waiting until things slow down a bit to post again. I hate that though, because it’s like trying to wait for the perfect time to do something, even though I know that the perfect time is never going to come. So, I’m posting regardless.

My husband has been going through a really, really hard time recently. So I’ve been really focused on supporting him. I’d like to talk about it, but I’ll wait until I get the okay from him. Suffice it to say he’s been having some troubling mental health issues that we’ve been helping him work through. Our lives are kind of encompassed by that right now though. I’ve also been balancing work, school, family, and trying to figure out what I’m going to do in the spring when I’m finally done school, and it’s all pretty tough. Ack, you know those times when life just feels hard? Yeah, this is one of those times. I know hubby and will sort things out, and I’ll get my life figured out soon too, but dang being in your 20’s is tough.

If any of you are, or have gone through something similar – having a hard time with life and a hard time figuring life out – I feel for you. It can be really tough.

But it’s obvious from looking at almost every single person I know that you eventually sort your life out. Even if you don’t consciously figure things out, it’s just the way life works. Unless you’re just very unfortunate or don’t try at all, life naturally sorts itself out and eventually doesn’t feel overwhelming the way it does when your first figuring things out. It’s the hardest when we try to grasp what we really want and when we spend so much time trying to think about what it is that we really want from our lives. I’m pretty sure every single person experiences in some way this at some point.

I’ve also heard from many, many people that even if you do try to plan out how you want things to go, figure out your future career etc. it’s probably not going to go the way you’ve planned it. That’s just how it goes. Life happens. I’m not saying you can’t achieve your goals and dreams, not at all. But I believe that they might change and shift and work out in different ways than you would have imagined when you were first trying to figure them out. If you work hard, I believe that no matter what good things will come, even if they’re not exactly what you were expecting. In my short life, I’ve experienced that life is just like that. Even if right now it’s overwhelming, if you work hard and do your best things will work out.

So I’m trying to do just that. I’m trying to not try too hard to plan things out, and instead think about what matters to me, while doing my best and working hard at everything I do.

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been MIA for so many months, this is pretty much why.

Sending Love ♥

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