Welcome to my favorite little corner of the internet! My name is Amanda, I’m 25 & I have a BA in Religious Studies. This blog is all about feeling good & living a happy, fulfilling life. I talk a lot about the things I love, what I do that makes me such a happy person (I’m super smiley, ask anyone), and I also love sharing things I’ve learned so far in life, or the things I’m having a hard time with…I pretty much talk about anything and everything!

So what do I love? I love doing yoga, baking, taking pretty pictures, traveling, reading, playing games, & most of all I ADORE being cozy at home, or going on walks & adventures with my favorite human – my hubby Moeen (I pretty much only call him hubby or Moe on here).

I am not an extremist in any way. I love yoga and I enjoy healthy eating, but I also enjoy the occasional fast food meal, and the semi-regular “how fast can you gobble down a batch of cookies” contest that I have with myself (guess who always wins, *winky face*).

I’m a very spiritual, universe loving person who’s constantly seeking whats true about myself and the world.

That’s it for now!

Thanks for stopping by, & make sure to say hello!




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