Alberta Purple Spring Flowers

A Little Slice of Life

Alberta Purple Spring Flowers

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’ve been having a lovely week.

I’ve been working really hard the past few weeks on making my life the life I want, and so far it’s really been paying off. Of course there are always ups and downs, but it feels so good to be making positive changes. I’m really afraid of allowing time to pass me by where I’m not living like I want to. And I know the only person that can make sure that won’t happen is me.

Hubby & I have been going for little walks a lot recently & we’ve both been loving them! It helps that it’s gorgeous spring weather around here with so many flowers!

We’ve also both been trying to take better care of ourselves and walks are great because they let you get out and let you relax while getting sunshine and exercise. Love love love.

Today we realized something as we were walking home from one of our walks. It had only been one hour since we had left our home. Ooh what’s the big deal right? Listen. It had only been ONE SINGLE HOUR and it had brought both of us so much joy, relaxation, energy, AND happiness. All in one tiny little single hour!!?? How easy it is to fit something so fulfilling into your day. Even half that length would have left us just as happy.

So I had to share, and I hope that you’ll go for more walks. Or at least I hope you’ll take one single hour out of your day and do something that brings you joy & peace. 

I’ve also been trying to bring my camera around more, so I can document my life and have more to share than just my words. So here are a few of the pictures I took on our little walk.

Look at all of these beautiful flowers! Can you believe that there were tons more that I didn’t photograph!?

Alberta Purple Spring Flowers

Alberta Purple Spring Flowers

Alberta Yellow Spring Flowers

This is how lush the path is that we are lucky enough to have right near our home. I know this picture is a bit out of focus, but I had to share it anyway because I really wanted to show just how lovely this place is.

Spring Walk in Alberta

Okay, now this is where things really get wonderful. I don’t know if you can tell from this picture but there was a train going by that was heading directly towards the downtown cityscape. I love this picture 🙂

Spring in Alberta

Hi Hi! Here’s a little me, just sitting, enjoying the breeze & watching the train. Little do you know I’m sitting on a poor little patch of dandelions that stained my sweater. I’m still rolling my eyes about that.

Spring in Alberta

This is a picture I took of basically where the path is that leads back to our house from this open vista. Again, can you say freaking lush!! Look at all those trees, ooh and just look at them swaying in the wind, I love it!

Spring in Alberta

Can you tell from these pictures that I live in a city not a small town? I feel so blessed that I live in a city where it’s pretty common for most neighborhoods to have walking paths with a similar charm to this one. I do live close to the edge of the city so it makes it feel a bit farther removed, but still! This simple city is really beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

Sending love to you all ♥

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