7 Tips to help you get out and travel more-2

7 Tips To Help You Get Out And Travel More

7 Tips to help you get out and travel more-2

Do you wish you could see the world more, get out and adventure? You don’t have to save up a ton of money and wait to go on huge across the world trip (while those are amazing and you should totally save up for them) you don’t have to wait. Why? Two words: DAY TRIPS. Once a month get out of the city and drive to a new town or hiking path every time. Drive in a random direction and keep going until you find something beautiful you’ve never seen before. It does’t have to cost more than a tank of gas and a couple of coffees.

Here are my tips to make travelling happen more, and to make it so easy you’ll do it all the time.

Day Trip Travel Tips

1. Pack a lunch and plenty of snacks and drinks. That way you don’t have to worry about making sure you’re close enough to civilization to find something to eat, you can honestly just drive as far and remote as you want.

2. Bring layers and comfy shoes for walking. You don’t have to buy heavy duty hiking shoes, but if you don’t have them then please don’t try going up the expert level paths or you’ll regret it (believe me I have first hand experience and it’s not pretty).

3. Choose between a spontaneous or a planned trip. You can try planning ahead and picking the route you’re going to take. Or you can try being entirely free spirited and just drive in whatever direction you want to go! Both ways will lead on you on a new adventure, so I encourage you to try them both sometime.

4. Pick your type of adventure. Do you want to stay by the comfort and safety of your car? Then choose routes with beautiful views and pull over to take in the views. Looking for something breathtaking and willing to work for it? Find some hiking paths and go for it! (stick to what you’re comfortable with though, don’t hike in the middle of nowhere if you’re not prepared for wildlife and potentially treacherous conditions). Mix it up and drive sometimes, hike other times, and sometimes just explore a new town!

5. Charge your cameras and phones. Maybe this seems obvious, but it would seriously suck to hike up a mountain and arrive to see gorgeous sweeping panoramic views and not be able to capture them! Of course just seeing them with your own eyes is the best part, but if you can snap some pictures or even set up and get some gorgeous ones, you don’t want to miss out simply because you didn’t prepare well!

6. Do a quick checkup on your car. Top off the fluids, check the air pressure and fill up the tank (duh). The last thing you want is for your vehicle to fail you and stop you from getting to see new places. Although…it might lead you on a whole new kind of adventure!

7. Don’t be lazy. Just DO IT! Start saying yes to day trips and you’ll suddenly find that you’ve been on all sorts of different adventures in a short amount of time!

Good luck little wanderers.
I hope you’ll let your soul get its fill of wandering. I know that’s what I’ll be doing this summer!

– ♥A♥

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      Awe yeah, driving would definitely make it more possible. Who wouldn’t want to travel and see beautiful things at a low expense!
      I’d say go for it!

  1. Hi Amanda,

    It was lovely chatting with you today at the #lbloggers chat! You were a great host! 🙂

    I recently discovered my love for day trips as well so this blog post was a great read! I totally agree with you how important is to like just get out and explore something new that is local! I recently took a mini day trip to the desert area and discovered a tons of new places! I am currently on a mission to travel once a month this entire year! So far I’ve reached my goal but I have yet to schedule anything for August, September and October so I have to get on that! Hahaha!


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      Thanks Crissy, you’re so sweet!
      Wow, I love that mission! I mean, if you don’t start doing something like that, it’s really hard to get to see everything you want to see in life!
      I look forward to hearing about your future trips!

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