5 Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Happier

5 Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Happier

5 Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Happier

I’m often told that I’m a happy person (I feel like one!!), but there are definitely days when it’s not all that easy to be in a good mood. When that happens I feel like we all could use help to get back to being happy. So I pulled together a list! Here are my suggestions of 5 things you can do every single day if you want to become a happier person in general, or even if you just need some tips to brighten your mood!

Smile often. At strangers, at friends, at yourself. Don’t force it, but think about how it could brighten someones day just a little bit by having someone be kind in the simplest way and smile at them. The more you do it the more comfortable you’ll become doing it. It’ll brighten someones day and it’ll brighten your own as well.

Be Kind. You’ll probably have hundreds of situations every single day where you have the choice to be kind or to be unkind, or just neutral. If you take as many opportunities as you can to choose the kind option, I guarantee it will make you a happier person. There have been times where I’ve gone out to do some errands and have actually had like 15 chances to make these choices. The times I choose the unkind option and rage about someone cutting me off, I feel icky inside, and my mood drops. And the times I respond to a cashiers question with a positive answer and a smile, or I let someone go ahead of me because I’m not in a rush, I feel so much better. These are little things, but they really have an influence.

Look Around. Appreciate your surroundings. Appreciate the beauty all around you, it’s always there if you open your eyes and look for it.

Beautiful Spring Flowers

Listen To Music. The power of music is actually amazing. Sometimes it can really help lift your mood or make you think & feel more positive. Try listening to songs that brighten your mood, and if you’re feeling up for it, sing along!

Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones. This one is easy to say and hard to do, I know. Here’s the thing, negative thinking isn’t often very purposeful. When you have a negative thought, it does nothing about the negative feeling you have. Instead, you should actually take action. Either replace that negative thought with a more positive one (because you can always find something positive in every single situation) or turn that negative thought into action about whatever you’re worried about! It’s that simple!

Do you have any habits you turn to when you’re not feeling so great? I’d love to hear in the comment section below!

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