Healthy Chocolate Banana Pudding


So, my husband always laughs when he opens our freezer. Why, you ask? Well, when we have bananas that are starting to brown too much (I won’t eat them like that anymore) I throw them in the freezer to use for baking. It’s a little trick I got from my parents. So usually we have at least one or two – sometimes 5 😐 – in our freezer. It’s so so handy! And this way you don’t ever have to feel guilty about buying bananas and letting them go to waste! For that reason I don’t mind some strange – has my wife always been this weird? -looks upon opening the freezer. Also my friends, if you’re ever wondering why half of my baking recipes on this blog include bananas, you have your answer!

So, here’s a recipe for dessert that actually requires frozen bananas! You can easily customize this to your hearts content. You can add nuts, different spices like cinnamon, substitute the chocolate for vanilla, or go all health nut and put in some spinach (I tried it once, it was okay…).

Healthy Chocolate Banana Pudding

The easiest healthy pudding or ice cream that you’ll ever make

|      Prep Time: 0 minutes      |      Cook Time: 2 minutes      |      Total Time: 2 minutes      |

Serves 2


1 Frozen Banana
1 Tsp Cocoa Powder
½ Tsp Honey (optional)
¼ Cup Milk (optional) (can use regular, almond, soy etc.)


Step 1. Break the Banana into pieces and drop into your blender.

Step 2. Add the Cocoa Powder and Honey (optional – the banana is naturally sweet, but add the honey if you want an even more sweet treat).

Step 3. Add the Milk (optional). If you add the milk, you will end up with the consistency of pudding, as I have above (you must add the milk if you have a weak blender). If you have a high powered blender you can add the milk to make pudding, or you can skip the milk and make ice cream!

Step 4. Pour into a cute dessert dish and eat!!

This recipe is perfect for those times (every evening) that you want a quick delicious dessert, but don’t want to spend much time making it, or feeling guilty about it!

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