10 Signs You're A Little Hippie

12 Signs That You’re A Little Hippie

10 Signs You're A Little Hippie

I’ve always been a little hippie in my heart. That’s probably what happens when you grow up in a tiny hippie town wayyy up in Northern Canada (in the Yukon), 6 hours from the nearest city, with the biggest yearly event being the summer music festival. Yeah, that kind of hippie town.

Probably because of it I’ve always had a love for nature & almost all things boho/hippie. There have been times where I moved away from it, or pushed it into the depths of my heart. But no matter what I did it always lived on. And now I’ve finally embraced it and I can’t tell you how much happier I am being myself and welcoming the little hippie into my life.

Are you a little hippie inside? Take my test and let me know how many signs you have!

12 Signs That You’re A Little Hippie


1. To you the natural way is always the better way.  All-natural, chemical free oh hell yeah! Even if your wallet doesn’t always let you.

2. You wish no one expected you to wear shoes ever.  Ugh. Can’t we just run barefoot & free?

3. Flowy loose everything. You SO MUCH prefer grungy laid-back fashion over fancy fashion with tight clothes and uncomfy shoes (those damn shoes).

4. Nature gives you a serene feeling of calm that you don’t get anywhere else. The city is nice, with so much to do. But when you’re out in nature and the only sounds you hear are the wind, birds & the rustle of the trees, that’s when you feel at peace.

5. You want all the plants. Everywhere. Big ones, small ones, all over your house. Even if you can’t seem to keep the poor things happy.

6. You feel awkward in normal purses or handbags. Crossbody bags on the other hand are your best companion & they’re so casual too!

7. You want, or already own at least one thing with a mandala on it. Us little hippies are just drawn to those beautiful designs.

8. Home remedies excite you. Because of #1 of course.

9. You’ve tried at least one of these wellness techniques: meditation, chakras, tarot cards, yoga, prayer, essential oils. Let’s face it, you’ve probably tried at least half of them at some point.

10. You love long hair. No matter how many times you cut your hair short, you always feel the most like yourself with long hair.

11. You strive to be genuine & authentic. You just want to be you, no matter what people might think.

12. You really care. You care about people and animals and plants and our earth.

➳➳➳ Embrace your little inner hippie & let it be free✌


*Disclaimer, this is just a post for fun. Hippie or not, no judgement here! Just be you and find happiness.

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  1. Ahh what a great post, I love it! 🙂 I’ve just recently come to realise that I definitely am a little hippie. The things you’ve mentioned are very accurate, especially 2,3,4,11 & 12 are so ME. I’m learning to embrace who I am more and more which is such an amazing and liberating feeling x

    1. Post

      Yes I love this reply so much! Thanks Sara! It’s liberating isn’t it?! To just embrace who you are even if it’s a bit strange and goofy!

      Thanks for stopping by girl!

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