How To Cut Watermelon into Slices July 13, 2017

I want to share a mini tutorial with you about how to cut watermelon.

That might sounds really silly and obvious to you, and you might wonder why anyone would need a tutorial for it. Well, take your pro little watermelon cutter eyes to another post because this one is for us amateurs.

To be perfectly honest though, this was my first time actually buying a whole watermelon. And the reason I never did until now, was because I was intimidated by cutting it (what!?!?!). Kinda pathetic hey? Haha, I agree fully. So I faced my fear and finally bought one. The moment I cut it in half, all of my my high school geometry knowledge came flooding back to me (yeah, right) and I could see pretty clearly how to cut it – and of course get those insta-perfect little slices.

As I was doing all this heavy duty thinking (poor little brain) I considered that there might be a teeny chance that someone else might have the same concerns. Or maybe I’m just looking for someone to tell me I’m not the only one who’s scared of watermelons.

So yeah, I snapped a few pics and pulled together this teeny weeny tutorial for you (it’s actually just 1 picture, efficient right!?).

Basically all you see here is that I did this:

  1. Cut the whole watermelon in the same direction that the stripes are going (yes theres a technical term, but sometimes that’s more confusing).
  2. Take one half and slice it again in that same direction.
  3. Then, keeping those two peices together, slice up your watermelon in the opposite direction into your desired width!

My written instructions aren’t as clear as the picture, so basically if you just copy the picture you’ll have the perfect slices for munching on through the hot summer!

PS. Watermelon is the most heavenly fruit for the summer. So I should confess that I’ll be eating pounds and pounds of watermelon for the next few months, who’s with me!?

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