A Photo Shoot & Crepes August 7, 2017


I feel so blessed.

A few weeks ago, Ashley, a photographer and good friend of mine, asked if I wanted to do a little collab and have her take some photos of me. Of course I said yes! Ashley’s talent for photography honestly blows me away. I’m so shocked at how talented she is with a camera. I’ve seen her progress over the past few years, and while she was always good, she has worked hard to become phenomenal. At this point I’m just obsessed with every picture she takes. Not to mention she is one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. She doesn’t, for even a moment, hide who she is or compromise what she stands for. And she’s always looking out for her loved ones, including her beloved kitties. Ashley, you inspire me to be a more genuine person, thank you for that.

So, when Ashley came over I decided to try to make us crepes. I had never made them before, and even though I was fussing and worrying, they turned out pretty delicious. But I don’t really think you could actually consider them crepes haha. With that said, I won’t be sharing my recipe until I perfect it!

I was pretty nervous when we went out to take some posed pictures, as I’m a pretty shy person. But Ashley knew all the right things to say to make me chill out, and most importantly make me have tons of fun. You can probably tell from the pictures that I was giggling for the majority of the shoot. Also, I’m grateful that Ashley and I share a similar taste. Neither of us are huge fans of formal, rigid poses and pictures. So the pictures she took of me are exactly my style. Relaxed and comfortable. I honestly feel like Ashley worked magic and somehow managed to perfectly reflect me in these pictures. To me, they’re not just some pretty pictures of myself. They’re pictures that capture who I am. My giggly, shy, playful, nature loving self. Especially in this age of social media, and of course being a blogger, I love that I now have pictures that I can share with others, that reflect who I am.

Ashley, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for these amazing pictures. Please never stop taking pictures, you make magic.

If you want to see more of her work, or if you’re in the Alberta area and have need of a photographer, head over to AshleyLazettePhotography.com

Photo Shoot & Crepes
  • Photo Shoot & Crepes
  • Photo Shoot & Crepes
  • Photo Shoot & Crepes
  • Photo Shoot & Crepes

All pictures courtesy of Ashley at AshleyLazettePhotography.com

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